Billeting Players


Looking for potential billet homes!!


The Winchester Hawks are fortunate enough to be able to accept kids from other areas of the country and even internationally through the generosity of billets who are willing to open up their homes to our players.

Each player is unique, some will need a family home and some are ready for more independence. We try our best to match our players in need of a temporary home with the right type of home and vice versa. This is why we collect information about your home and family as part of your offer to become a billet.

It is important to recognize as a billet, there is an expectation of support for the player’s hockey pursuits both on the ice and in the work these players do at home to stay healthy, in shape and focused on the game.

It is the goal of the hockey organization to ensure we find safe, comfortable and logistically suitable homes for our players and we reserve the right to request a visit to your home with your family, based on your offer. Year to year the number of homes needed changes, if you offer we will keep your information on file for a minimum of 2 seasons even if there isn’t an immediate need to have you host a player. It can also occur that the trading, picking up or cutting from the team roster may result in mid-season changes to the team’s need for billets.

The families of our players will provide a stipend to assist with the costs of living for their child during their stay with you, but this is not an expense reimbursement driven program. The stipend is specific to the arrangements the player and his family have with you and will reflect the unique situation. (EG: If meals and groceries are provided vs. a room and a place to prepare their own food)

If at any time after you have submitted your offer, your situation changes, or the family’s relationship with the billet is becoming problematic and you are unable to continue to provide a place for a player to billet please contact to let our staff know.

Only persons over the age of 18 should contact the Winchester Hawks. Players will not be placed in homes without at least one person over the age of 18.